Smoking Ban introduced in Spain

In January 2006 Spain introducted a smoking ban, however bar and restaurant owners could decide whether or not smoking was allowed depending on the size of their premises. Large bars and restaurants had to have a designated smoking area.

However, on January 2nd 2011, Spain introduced a new Smoking Ban (‘Ley Antitabaco’ in Spanish), much […]

Clocks go back one hour on October 31st

Clocks will go back an hour at 3am on Sunday 31st of October, so at 3am it will be 2am. The idea behind this change is to save hours of daylight and therefore reduce energy consumption.

This means that most people in Spain (and in the rest of Europe) will be able to enjoy […]

Fiestas de Gracia

For those people visiting or staying in Barcelona during the month of August, there are some nice and interesting activities to enjoy their visit to Barcelona. One of these activities would be the well-known Festes de Gracia.

From mid August and for 9 days, the Gracia area is filled with […]

Is August a good time to visit Barcelona?

In my opinion it definitely is, as the city is less crowded so you have more “space” for you to enjoy your vacation.

The main reason for this, is that a large amount of business are closed in August so people are “forced” to take holidays. Locals normally leave Barcelona in August to go to […]