Barcelona from the Air

This is the view when the plane approaches Barcelona airport. If the weather is good, it is simply beautiful.

Happy Valentines Day

Although Valentines Day is not as popular as it is in other European countries as Catalans have their own Valentines Day in April (<a title="Sant Jordi" href="https://www additional” target=”_self”>Sant Jordi), it is getting more and more popular in recent years.

Here is an example of what you can find today on Las Ramblas, […]

Barcelona Marathon 2009

Barcelona Marathon will take place on the 1st of March. Athletes from all over the world will complete on this year’s race.

In 2008 a total of 9,121 athletes registered for the events. This year, organizers expect to reach to reach over 10,000 registrations.

Registration closes on the 15th of February, so there is […]

Taxi Fares and Supplements 2010

Barcelona’s Metropolitan Transport Authority (EMT) announced last December that 2009 taxi fare prices will remain unchanged in 2010.

How is the fare calculated?

Basically there is a minimum fare, just to start the meter, and after that a fee per km is applied (see Basic fares table below). On top of that there are number […]