FGC is the acronym of Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya which are the rail network controlled by the Catalan Government.

Founded in 1979, the FGC has a lenght of 271 km of railways all over the Catalan territory. As a remark, in 2008 more than 310.000 visitors used the Catalan railway network.

Barcelona has 12 FGC lines that cross the city and also connect with the areas of “Vallés” and “Baix Llobregat”.


FGC Vallés consists of 6 different train lines whose routes are as follows:

Train lines of FGC Vallés
Line Origin Destination
L8 Plaza Cataluña (Barcelona) Molí Nou
S33 Plaza Cataluña (Barcelona) Can Ros
S4 Plaza Cataluña (Barcelona) Olesa de Montserrat
S8 Plaza Cataluña (Barcelona) Martorell
R5 Plaza Cataluña (Barcelona) Martorell
R6 Plaza Cataluña (Barcelona) Igualada

Map of FGC Vallés (click on it to enlarge):


FGC Llobregat consists of other 6 train lines whose routes are as follows:

Train lines of FGC Llobregat
Line Origin Destination
L6 Plaza España (Barcelona) Reina Elisenda (Barcelona)
S1 Plaza España (Barcelona) Terrassa
S2 Plaza España (Barcelona) Sabadell
S5 Plaza España (Barcelona) Rubí / Sant Cugat
S55 Plaza España (Barcelona) Universidad Autonoma (UAB)
L7 Plaza España (Barcelona) Tibidabo (Barcelona)

Map of FGC Llobregat (click on it to enlarge):


Tickets, when used in Barcelona city, are the same as those used in the metro, bus, FGC and RENFE and transfers among all these means of transport are allowed within the following 1 hour and 15 minutes from the first validation of the ticket. This feature is applicable to all tickets except the single trip. To check prices of journeys within Barcelona check Barcelona Metro tickets.

For journeys outside the city of Barcelona rates applying depend on travel zones. To check prices outside of Barcelona check FGC tickets.