Lleida Airport

Since the beginning of 2010, there is a new way of flying to Catalonia. Lleida has recently inaugurated its own airport called Lleida-Alguaire Airport. Lleida thus finally will be able to offer its citizens the option to fly from and to Lleida without having to go to Barcelona (Barcelona airport) , Tarragona (Reus airport) or Girona (Girona Airport).

Lleida-Alguaire airport was inaugurated the 17th of January with a symbolic flight between Barcelona and Lleida, however, it will not be until the 5th of Febrary when it will officially begin operations. Vueling and Ryanair will be the airlines operating from Lleida-Alguaire airport and first flights will be:

  • Paris – Orly (Vueling)
  • Palma de Mallorca (Vueling)
  • Milano – Bergamo (Ryanair)
  • Frankfurt – Hahn (Ryanair)

For more details regarding Lleida-Alguaire airport click here. Unfortunately, this website is just in Catalan this airport is not yet in operation so I would expect this website into Spanish and English immediately.

It is true that Lleida is quite far away from Barcelona (about 150km) however it gives people the choice of flying to Lleida, which should be quite cheap as Lleida-Alguaire airport is trying to promote itself, spend few days in this beautiful area and then drive or take the train to Barcelona.