La Mercè Festivity

La Mercè (La Merçè in Catalan) is the Patron Saint of Barcelona and it’s celebrated the 24th of September. It happens that Catalonia’s and Barcelona’s Festivity are both in the same month, only 2 weeks apart from each other.

11th of Setember: Diada de Catalunya (Catalonia Festivity)

24th of Setember: La Mercè (Barcelona’s festivity)

Merçè […]

Kylie Minogue in Barcelona

Australian singer Kylie Minogue will bring her ‘Aphrodite – Les Folies Tour‘ to Barcelona next 12th of March.

Aphrodite is Minogue’s eleventh studio album and the Aphrodite – Les Folies World Tour will bring her to Europe, Asia, North America and Australia.

Kylie Minogue will be joined on stage by a cast of dancers, aerial […]

Benedict the XVI visit to Barcelona

Pope Benedict XVI will arrive to Barcelona on November 6th following his visit to Santiago de Compostela coinciding with Santiago de Compostela Holy Year.

The Pope Benedict XVI will preside the consecration of Barcelona’s Cathedral La Sagrada Familia (officially called Expiatory Temple of the Holy Family) and a mass will be celebrated at 10am […]

Bullfighting banned in Catalonia

Catalonia’s politians voted in favour of banning bullfighting. This vote was the result of a petition signed by 180,000 people against bullfighting. The ban was passed by a 68-55 vote in Catalonia’s parliament last Wednesday 28th of July 2010.

Bullfighting supporters state that it this part of Catalonia’s cultural heritage while antibullfighting activists argue […]