Catalan Cuisine

Catalan Cuisine is based on fresh fruit and vegetables, meats and fish of great quality and last but not least olive oil. One of the secrets of Mediterranean Cuisine is that food is cooked in olive oil giving food a very special taste. Olive oil also helps to reduce the amount of cholesterol reducing […]

Menu del Dia

Menu del Dia

First of all let us remind you of the local timetables as they are different to most European countries. Lunch and dinner in Spain usually start later than the rest of Europe. Locals will normally have lunch from 14.00 to 16.00 and dinner from 21.00 to 23.30.

At lunch time, […]

Nice and cheap restaurants

Here you will find a short list of a few restaurants with very very cheap prices located by the city center. Pay attention that these places are quite a treasure. Some of them are also specialized in anniversaries and hen parties for large groups of people.

MESÓN DAVID – Located in Calle Carretas 63 (Metro […]

Tapas in Barcelona

Tapas Bar Barcelona

Tapas, everybody has heard of tapas, but what exactly is a tapa? A tapa is a small portion of food that you get when ordering a drink, normally beer or wine. Depending on the bar, it can vary from peanuts to Spanish omelet or even a small portion of paella.