St. Patrick’s Day

March 17th is St. Patrick’s day, Saint patron of Ireland. Parades are organized all over the world and although no parade is organized in Barcelona, nothing stops you from getting a real Irish experience at your local Irish Pub, and by Irish experience I mean a nice pint of Guinness.

The only problem is […]

Pubs and Discotheques in Barcelona

There are a large number of pubs, bars, club and discos in Barcelona, so it is quite difficult to make a list of the best places as of course it depends on the person. However we have short-listed a few of them for you so we hope you enjoy Barcelona’s night live. PUBS & BARS:



Barcelona has an extremely large list of Bars so don’t try having a drink in each of them 🙂

Here are some tips regarding bars in Barcelona:

A smoking ban was implemented last in Spain, however it is not a ‘strict’ smoking ban as in the majority of the bars, the owner […]

Irish Pubs in Barcelona

It is true that there are Irish Pubs all over the world, so we could easily say that any city can be measured by the Irish Pubs. Based on that, I have to say that Barcelona is probably on top of the list as there are almost 20 Irish pubs in the city.

Although there […]