Is August a good time to visit Barcelona?

In my opinion it definitely is, as the city is less crowded so you have more “space” for you to enjoy your vacation.

The main reason for this, is that a large amount of business are closed in August so people are “forced” to take holidays. Locals normally leave Barcelona in August to go to the beach or the mountain so the city gets less crowded, but just to certain extent, don’t think the city gets empty as this is definitely not the case.

Of course some shops and restaurants will be closed but mainly at “local level” in non-touristic areas. City centre and the main tourist attractions will remain open so you will not miss anything.

Of course it is probably the warmest month of the year which could be hard for people coming from the UK or Ireland for example, but it is not as bad as the south of Spain, so just try avoiding outdoor activities during between 12 and 17h and use suncreen products.

For those of you who enjoy the sun, barcelona has several beaches easily accessible using public transport. If you go to the beach, just remember to apply sunscreen at least 20 minutes prior to sun exposure.

Anoter positive thing is that in August there are less queues for restaurants, museums, nightclubs, … so it is easier to get a table in a restaurant or get a taxi to get back to your hotel.

On the down side, sport activities really slow down so you will not be able to watch any F.C. Barcelona game as the football season does not start until the first week of September.

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