Smoking Ban introduced in Spain

In January 2006 Spain introducted a smoking ban, however bar and restaurant owners could decide whether or not smoking was allowed depending on the size of their premises. Large bars and restaurants had to have a designated smoking area.

However, on January 2nd 2011, Spain introduced a new Smoking Ban (‘Ley Antitabaco’ in Spanish), much tougher than the one introduced in 2006. The objective of this ban is not only to protect non-smokers but also smokers within their workplaces. Therefore from January 2nd 2011 it is not possible to smoke in bars and restaurants.

Similar bans have been already implemented by most of other UE counties. However Spain’s ban is even tougher as it prohibits smoking in some open spaces like children’s playgrounds, and access points to schools and hospitals.

Fines for breaking the ban range from €30 to €600,000.

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