Les Rambles

La RamblaLes Rambles is by far the most popular street in Barcelona. It runs from Plaça Catalunya down to the statue of Christopher Columbus beside the sea.

Les Rambles Barcelona

Although it just one street, Les Rambles is split into five different sections, each of them has a different name. Taking Plaça Catalunya as starting point and heading towards the statue of Christopher Columbus we have:

– Rambla de Canaletes
– Rambla del Estudis
– Rambla de Sant Josep
– Rambla dels Caputxins
– Rambla de Santa Mónica

There is a tourist office right on the top of Les Rambles in case you need a map or anyotherinformation you may need.

Along the way you see flower stalls, animal stalls, kiosks, street performers, human status. There are also lots of hotels and restaurants.

No matter what day or time you go, it is always croweded with tourists and locals.

Halfway down on the right hand side you will find El Mercat de La Boquería (La Boqueria Market), which is the most famous foodmarket in Barcelona.

At the bottom of Les Rambles, there is a huge monument to Christopher Columbus where it is posible to take the elevator to the top for a really nice view of Les Rambles and the Port.

Finally, be aware of pickpockets and be extra-careful with your belongings (wallets, handbag, camera, …).