Taxi Fares and Supplements 2014

These are Barcelona’s Taxi Fares and Supplements 2014 are established by the Metropolitan Transport Authority (EMT) for 2014.

How is the fare calculated?

Basically there is a minimum fare, just to start the meter, and after that a fee per km is applied (see Basic fares table below). On top of that there are number of supplements (see Supplements table below).

Taxi fares and supplements 2014

Taxi fares and supplements 2014


Taxi Fares:

T-1* T-2*
Meter start €2.10 €2.10
Km charges €1.03 €1.30
Waiting hour €21.23 €21.70
Applicable Monday to Sunday from 21h to 7h (inside Barcelona city) Monday to Friday from 7h to 21h (inside Barcelona city)


T-1* T-2*
Trips to and from the Airport €4.20 €4.20
Trips to and from the Port €4.20 €4.20
Trips to and from Fira exhibition centre €2.10 €2.10
Luggage (>55x35X35) €1.00 €1.00
Special nights ** €3.10 €3.10
Weekend nights *** €3.10 €3.10

*T-1 and T-2 would be city fares, and T-3 would be inter-city fares.
** 23-24 June, 24-25, 31 Dec and 1 Jan from 21h to 7h
*** Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays from 21h to 7h.

For further information visit the Taxi section. Also check Barcelona’s Public Transport section.

Remember that you should only pay what the taxi meter indicates and you should always ask for a receipt.

For a complete fare list and any other information, please check the Institut Metropolita del Taxi (taxi regulator).

If you need to order a taxi we give you some taxi telephone numbers:

Taxi Amic: 93 420 80 88

Radio Taxi 033: 93 303 30 33

Barna Taxi: 93 322 22 22

Aqui Taxi Barcelona: 93 219 73 42

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