Day Trip to Barcelona


Taking a day trip to Barcelona is going to be a memorable experience whatever the time of year it is, and whatever the weather is like, because there is simply so much to see and do in the Spanish city. Of course, a fine day is best for sightseeing, and you can always […]

Barcelona beaches

Barcelona beaches are one of the attractions of the city, especially during summer and spring time. Being in the city and being able to go to the beach walking or by public transport is something that makes this city so lovely. . Barcelona enjoys a very pleasant and warm temperature when the sun shines […]

Water parks Barcelona

There are some options for water parks Barcelona to spend a refreshing day of fun with family or friends. The water parks are not located within the city of Barcelona but a certain distance, which may be a nice option for spending one or a few days away … we have visited each one of […]

Movies filmed in Barcelona

Specially since Olympic Games were celebrated in Barcelona in 1992, this city has gained an international recognition due to its beauty, architecture and modernism. This particular appeal has not been overlooked by some filmmakers who have wanted to film their projects in this city. Here are some of the most relevant movies filmed in Barcelona […]