Fiestas de Gracia


For those people visiting or staying in Barcelona during the month of August, there are some nice and interesting activities to enjoy their visit to Barcelona. One of these activities would be the well-known Festes de Gracia.

From mid August and for 9 days, the Gracia area is filled with joy, music and party all the time. Since many many years , streets are decorated by neighbours in search of becoming the most beautiful and attractive street of the whole area. This would be one of the biggest Barcelona traditions.

Gracia Area is located at the north side of Barcelona, at the end of Paseo de Gracia. The closest Metro stations are Fontana (L3 line) and Joanic (L2 line).

This year, and after a difficult decision, Verdi Street was coronated as the best coronated street and it looked like this:

Gracia are not the only ‘Fiestas’ holded in August in Barcelona as when Gracia are ended, ‘Fiestas de Sants’ starts. Sants Area can be reached by Metro at stations: Sants Estació (L5 and L3 line) and Plaça de Sants (L5 and L1 lines).

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