Taxi Barcelona

How can I identify a Taxi Barcelona?

It is very easy to identify a taxi in Barcelona as they are back and yellow, so it is impossible to miss them.  You can hail a taxi on the street when you see a green light on the roof.

Taxi Barcelona

Taxi Barcelona

Taxi Barcelona Fares

Taxi Barcelona fares are calculated by a taxi meter. There is a minimum fare when you get in the taxi, just to start the taxi meter, after that, you pay per km. Also, on top of that there are a number of supplements following different criteria.

T-1* T-2*
Meter start €2.10 €2.10
Km charges €1.03 €1.30
Waiting hour €21.23 €21.70
Applicable Monday to Friday from 21h to 7h. Weekends and public holidas 0h to 24h (inside Barcelona city) Monday to Friday from 7h to 21h (inside Barcelona city)
T-1* T-2*
Trips to and from the Airport**** €4.20 €4.20
Trips to and from the Port €4.20 €4.20
Trips to and from Fira Exhibition Centre €2.10 €2.10
Trips to and from Estació de Sants €2.10 €2.10
Luggage (>55x35X35) €1.00 €1.00
Special nights ** €3.10 €3.10
Weekend nights *** €3.10 €3.10

**** AIRPORT EXIT €20 – Minimum amount for one service from the airport including all supplements.

Remember: You only have to pay what the taximeter shows and always ask for a receipt!

Where can I catch a taxi?

The easiest way is to hail a cab in the street or to go to the closest taxi rank. Alternatively you can request a taxi by calling a taxi radio dispatch center.

Taxi Ranks

There are a large number of taxi ranks in Barcelona, mainly located beside mainly beside train transport stations and hospitals. Click here for the complete list of taxi ranks in Barcelona.

What to do in case of a complaint?

In case of a complaint, you should contact the Institut Metropolita del Taxi (taxi regulator)

Why should I ask for a receipt?

Most people think that a receipt it is only useful to make a complaint, however, you will also need it if you left something behind in a taxi as it will allow you to identify it.

What will the receipt contain?

The receipt will contain the following information: taxi driver information, license number, vehicle plate, taxi driver information, date of the service. Receipts should be signed by the driver.

What to do if you accidentally leave something in a taxi?

You should contact the Lost and Found Service at 902 101 564 or by email at:

How to request an adapted taxi?

The best way to request an adapted taxi is to contact TAXI AMIC (amic = friend in Catalan), which exclusively offers service with adapted vehicles.

Telephone: (+34) 93 420 80 88
Fax: (+34)93 224 04 82
Website: (in Spanish, Catalan and English)

Other options are:

Radio Taxi 033: 93 303 30 33

Barna Taxi: 93 322 22 22

Aqui Taxi Barcelona: 93 219 73 42

* Same fares apply as any other taxi.