Transport fares Barcelona 2016

Transport fares Barcelona 2016 for Bus, Metro, train and tram.

Single ticket (1 journey): €2.15

Travelcards (multi-journey)
Number of Days Price
1 Day (T-Dia) €8.40
2 Days €14.00
3 Days €20.50
4 Days €26.50
5 Days €32.00

The above are valid for an unlimited number of journeys in as many consecutive days as printed on the card (e.g. the 2 Day card is valid for an unlimited number of journeys in 2 days, and so on).

These are valid on all means of transport (Metro, Bus network, Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat urban lines, Renfe’s Rodalies train network and the TRAM).

Apart from the above, there is also a T-10 card (valid for 10 journeys) for €9,95. This card gives you 1h 15 minutes for taking different transport within every journey: metro, tram, train or bus  (except if repeating bus number).

In our opinion, T-10 card is the most interesting Transport fares Barcelona as it can be used by different people and the price is very reasonable.

There are other travelcards for longer periods of time, although these would be for people living in Barcelona rather than tourists.

Long Period Travelcards
Travelcard Name Price
T-50/30* €42.50
T-Mes** €52.75

*T-50/30 – Valid for 50 journeys in 30 consecutive days.

** T-Mes – Valid for an unlimited number of journeys in 30 consecutive days.

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