Phenomena Barcelona – old movies

Have you ever wished to have seen movies like The Godfather, Terminator, Superman, ET, Dirty Harry, Back to the future or Star Wars in a cinema? Movie list would never end and depend on each, here is a selection of ours:

Phenomena movies in Barcelona

It is now possible to recover them at Urgell Cinemas thanks to Phenomena.

Address: C/ Comte d´Urgell 29-33 (Metro L1 – Urgell). TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE

Telephone: 902 42 42 43

Movies are broadcasted at original version with subtitles. Get ready to enjoy a great environment during the session!

For information regarding next projections, promotions or events upcoming click here. Remember get informed on time if you are interested as tickets are usually sold out in a few hours.

For new movies in original version at the cinema click here.