Sant Jordi

April 23rd is the feast of Sant Jordi (Diada de Sant Jordi), the patron Saint of Catalonia. The tradition is that the man buys the woman a rose and the woman buys the man a book, although this is not just between lovers, it is also between friends, workmates, … . It is […]

Santa Llúcia Fair

Santa Llúcia Fair (Fira de Santa Llúcia) is one of the most beautiful Catalan traditions and it is celebrated every year during the month of December. This fair is celebrated in many towns and villages of Catalonia but the most famous is the one held in Barcelona.

This traditional Christmas fair counts with over 270 […]

Happy Valentines Day

Although Valentines Day is not as popular as it is in other European countries as Catalans have their own Valentines Day in April (<a title="Sant Jordi" href="https://www additional” target=”_self”>Sant Jordi), it is getting more and more popular in recent years.

Here is an example of what you can find today on Las Ramblas, […]