Free WiFi Internet connection in Barcelona

Barcelona City Council has just launched a project to provide free WiFi internet connection in Barcelona. This service is completely free and available to everybody.

This free WiFi Internet access service is limited in terms of time and bandwith, although it depends on the WiFi hotspot you are connected. Once connected you will get a pop-up screen informing you of time (normally 1 hour) and bandwith availability (normally 200Kbits/s).

This free wireless Internet service does not allow access to ethically unacceptable websites such as internet gambling and gaming, pornographic sites, IP telephony, file sharing or videoconferencing.

There are currently 170 WiFi hotspots although there will be 500 all over Barcelona by the end of 2010. Most of the hotspots are located in municipal amenities (libraries, civic centres, sports centres, museums, …). Click here for a list of the different hotspots.

The wireless network name is ‘Barcelona WIFI’ so the easiest option would be to do a refresh on the wireless networks and if you see the network Barcelona WIFI in range, just connect to it.

Click here for further information regarding this service, unfortunately, this information is just available in Spanish or Catalan.

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