La Mercè Festivity

La Mercè (La Merçè in Catalan) is the Patron Saint of Barcelona and it’s celebrated the 24th of September. It happens that Catalonia’s and Barcelona’s Festivity are both in the same month, only 2 weeks apart from each other.

11th of Setember:  Diada de Catalunya (Catalonia Festivity)

24th of Setember: La Mercè (Barcelona’s festivity)

Merçè is the female catalan name that corresponds with the Patron Saint of the city. The festivity is celebrated for over a week and it holds a large number of activities for everyone. This year the festifivity goes from Sunday 16th until the 24th.

A large number of events are organized for La Mercè Festivity, here are some of the most relevant:

  • 10km run Solidarity race ” Cursa de La Mercè ” taking place on Sunday 16th and going through main Barcelona areas.
  • Theatre performances, shows with fireworks and giants and heady characters are performed every day along the whole city.
  • Musical concerts are held throughout the city (see below for more details)
  • Museums in Barcelona are free on the 24th of September: La Mercè day’s.
  • Castellers (human towers) on the 24th of September at Plaça Sant Jaume.
  • Piromusical (fireworks) the 24th at Av. Reina Maria Cristina (Plaça Espanya – Metro map):
La Mercè Festivity

La Mercè Festivity – La Merçè 2013

  • Concerts start from the 16th of September among the main groups are:
  • Sunday 16th: Vetusta Morla, Mishima, Very Pomelo, Maika Makovski
  • Friday 21th: Friday’s Blues, Isaac Ulam, Mates Mates, Sonny & the Sunsets, 77, Howlin Rain, The Dream Syndicate, Atleta, Lüger, Black Dice, Le Vent du Nord, La Carrau, Abbey Road, Gani Mirzo …
  • Saturday 22nd: The Kooks, Love of Lesbian, La Iaia, L´Hereu Escampa, Betunizer, Africants, Miqui Puig & Original Jazz Orquesta, Jorge Pardo, Meneo, Kap Bambino, The Toxic Avenger, Che Sudaka, Txarango …


If you want to get more information regarding the program of activities for La Mercè Festivity click here.


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