Bullfighting banned in Catalonia

Catalonia’s politians voted in favour of banning bullfighting. This vote was the result of a petition signed by 180,000 people against bullfighting. The ban was passed by a 68-55 vote in Catalonia’s parliament last Wednesday 28th of July 2010.

Bullfighting supporters state that it this part of Catalonia’s cultural heritage while antibullfighting activists argue that is is cruel and against animal rights. However some people believe this is an attempt by Catalan nationalists to differentiate from by rest of Spain by banning one of the most important traditions in Spain.

However, this is not the first Spanish region to ban bullfighting as it was banned in the Canary Islands in 1991.

The ban will take place on January 2012 so until then you still have the change to see bullfighting in Barcelona.

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