Baseball World Cup Barcelona 2009

Barcelona has been the venue this weekend for the first round of the Baseball World Championship 2009. From Thursday to Saturday, inconditionals fans of this sport have had the chance to enjoy top level baseball games between Cuba, Puerto Rico, South Africa and the host nation Spain.

The most interesting and exciting game was the game that took place last day between Cuba and Spain. It was the longest game played this weekend (4 hours) and it nearly gave us a huge surprise as Spain was very close to beat the Cuban team. Cuba, the most favourite team to win this World Championship had very serious problems to beat a Spanish team who had chances to win until the very end and left very good sensations.

Baseball WorldChampionship in Barcelona

Fans filled the Carlos Perez de Rozas Stadium during the entire weekend and everybody had a really good time. The atmosphere was terrific.

We look forward to seeing the Championship coming back  to Barcelona soon.

2 comments to Baseball World Cup Barcelona 2009

  • Carlos

    Baseball in Barcelona???

    Don’t know much about baseball, but if I had known in advance I would have tried to get tickets 🙁


  • Jordi

    It was really nice for a change Carlos, unfortunately was not announced anywhere that some games of the World Championship were being played here … good fun though

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