Things to do during winter in Barcelona

Low temperatures, thick clothes, long nights, Christmas and then back to work … it is winter time.

Being a Mediterranean city, winter does not hit as strong as in others cities in Europe. Temperatures may range between 0 and 10º C and the snow never usually appear. However, we are so used to nice weather that when cold times arrive seems like there is not much to do a part of remain warm at home… we can suggest some nice things to do during winter in Barcelona.

Go skiing

Andorra and the Pyrenees are less than 3 hours driving from Barcelona and it is a lovely place for a week-end. Pyrenees have many modern and high-quality ski resorts. If you like skiing this is the place for a enjoyable and well deserved week-end.


Note: Barcelona is currently willing to hold the Olympic Winter Games of 2022.

Andorra is also known for its famous thermal baths (such as Caldea).

Ice Skating

In fact, it is available the whole year. Barcelona has 2 places to practise it:

Skating Barcelona at Roger de Flor 168 tel. 93-2452800, for more information click here

Camp Nou between the stadium and Palau Blaugrana tel. 93-4963630, for more information click here

Mercado de Santa Lucia

As a tradition, before winter arrives, the avenue of the Cathedral holds the Santa Lucia market. This is a special market where all kind of traditional objects related to Christmas time can be bought.


After the “Reyes Magos celebration”  (traditional and local celebration similar to Santa Claus), from the 7ht of January until the end of March, clothing stores make important discounts on their products.

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  • Come on, there’s loads more things to do in Barcelona in winter! It’s a city of arts and culture, sports and entertainments, all year round. Just don’t go in the sea, it’s cold.

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