Santa Llúcia Fair

Santa Llúcia Fair (Fira de Santa Llúcia) is one of the most beautiful Catalan traditions and it is celebrated every year during the month of December. This fair is celebrated in many towns and villages of Catalonia but the most famous is the one held in Barcelona.

This traditional Christmas fair counts with over 270 stalls on Avinguda de la Catedral (in front of Barcelona’s Cathedral) selling nativity figures, Christmas trees, craft items and friction drums – zambombas.

Fira de Santa Lucia

Preparing for the arrival of the Christmas Holidays, a tradition in Spain (as in many other places), is to prepare and decorate the houses with Christmas decorations and nativity figures. This Fair offers you the chance to find small and nice details to decorate your house to welcome Christmas time.

Part of these details include the local and traditional figures “el caganer” o “el pixaner” which are oftenly represented in a funny way by famous characters of the year that is ending:


Or the figure of the beloved Mr. Tió, which belongs to a tradition for children where they receive small gifts from Mr. Tió (see picture) after gently hitting it with a stick when singing a catalan song called “cagatió”:

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