Barcelona has an extremely large list of Bars so don’t try having a drink in each of them 🙂

Here are some tips regarding bars in Barcelona:

A smoking ban was implemented last in Spain, however it is not a ‘strict’ smoking ban as in the majority of the bars, the owner can choose whether smoking is allowed so in fact you will find a very small number of bars and restaurants were the smoking ban is applied.

Most bars close between 2 (Sun – Thu) and 3 am (Fri – Sat) although clubs stay open until 5am.

Also, be aware that Spanish people go out quite late, so don’t expect many people before 11pm, so if you plan going to a club, don’t go before 12 or 1am as there will be a handful of people.

Alcohol is cheaper than some other countries although is getting more and more expensive. However, if you come from Ireland, UK or Scandinavian countries, you will still find it very cheap.

Bottle of beer could be up to €4, although it depends on the bar and the area this is located. Spirits and mixed drinks cost around €6 (although you may pay up to €12). However, be aware that the amount of alcohol served depends on the waiter/waitress as there is no ‘standard’ measure so you can always try asking for an extra shot. Waiters and waitresses are quite generous so even if they don’t give you an extra shot, the amount of alcohol served is usually more than enough.

Most of the clubs and discotheques have a cover charge which could be up to €12 (price often includes a drink). One piece of advice: bouncers may not allow you entrance for whatever reason (the way you dress, place is packed, you are too drunk, …), DO NOT argue, it is pointless and you may get into trouble, so just turn around and go somewhere else.

Estrella Damm, San Miguel and Voll-Damm (7.2º) are the local beers. Among them, Estrella is the most popular one.

If you fancy a pint of Guinness, don’t forget to visit any of the Irish pubs in Barcelona.

Also, check out the list of Bars and Clubs in Barcelona

So, just let us know which is your favourite bar in Barcelona once you come back.

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