Cinemas in Barcelona

Although the vast majority of movies are dubbed into Spanish, it is still possible to enjoy a film in its original language with subtitles in Spanish in some cinemas around Barcelona. This is a great option for native speakers or for Spanish people willing to learn English. However, be aware that subtitles in Spanish […]

Pubs and Discotheques in Barcelona

There are a large number of pubs, bars, club and discos in Barcelona, so it is quite difficult to make a list of the best places as of course it depends on the person. However we have short-listed a few of them for you so we hope you enjoy Barcelona’s night live. PUBS & BARS:


Salsa in Barcelona

Salsa is getting bigger and bigger in Barcelona. It exploded few years ago and since then the level of Salsa has increased dramatically.

There are a large number of Salsa Clubs and Salsa studios in Barcelona, and every year Salsa events are organized.

Different styles (International, LA, New York, Puerto Rican, Cuban, …) and of […]


Barcelona has an extremely large list of Bars so don’t try having a drink in each of them 🙂

Here are some tips regarding bars in Barcelona:

A smoking ban was implemented last in Spain, however it is not a ‘strict’ smoking ban as in the majority of the bars, the owner […]