Barcelona beaches

Barcelona beaches are one of the attractions of the city, especially during summer and spring time. Being in the city and being able to go to the beach walking or by public transport is something that makes this city so lovely.
Barcelona enjoys a very pleasant and warm temperature when the sun shines (and this happens quite often). From Easter and until October, it is common to find people on the beach: sunbathing, playing beach volleyball, reading, having a bath or just relaxing.
The best way to beat the heat is to go to one of the Barcelona beaches. After work, during the weekend or during the holidays, Barcelona beaches are always a good option to enjoy the city, disconnect even without leaving Barcelona.
Barcelona BeachesBarcelona has over 4km of sandy beaches which are always crowded with people sunbathing and swimming in the sea during summer time.

There are 7 beaches in total (Sant Sebastià, Barceloneta, Nova Icària, Bogatell, Mar Bella, Nova Mar Bella and Llevant), easily accessible using public transport.

How to get there:
– Sant Sebastià (Metro L4 – Barceloneta)
– Barceloneta (Metro L4 – Barceloneta and Ciutadella)
– Nova Icària (Metro L4 – Ciutadella and Bogatell)
– Bogatell (Metro L4 – Poblenou and Llacuna)
– Mar Bella (Metro L4 – Selva de Mar)
– Nova Mar Bella (Metro L4 – Selva de Mar and El Maresme)
– Llevant (Metro L4 – Selva de Mar)
All Barcelona beaches are provided with disabled access, showers and lifeguards (during summer season) as well as parasol and beach chair rental services. The city council is putting a great effort into keeping them clean, both sand and water are cleaned daily.

Click here for furhter details regarding up to date information of Barcelona beaches, water quality and beach condition. Finally, be aware of the risks that large exposures to the sun can cause to your skin so take the following precautions: use enough sun cream protection at all time, and try avoiding the hours from 12 to 16. Also, ensure that you drink plenty of water.

Water parks Barcelona

There are some options for water parks Barcelona to spend a refreshing day of fun with family or friends. The water parks are not located within the city of Barcelona but a certain distance, which may be a nice option for spending one or a few days away … we have visited each one of them and are well worth… enjoy them!


It is the closest water park to Barcelona (25km) it was founded on 1981 and it is the first Water park in Barcelona, it disposes of 22 water attractions: water slides, splash pads and swimming pools. There are lockers and different restaurants and large areas for eating out.

Water parks Barcelona

Water parks Barcelona


Address: Finca Mas Brassó s/n

08339 – Vilassar de Dalt (Barcelona)

Telephone: +34 93 751 45 53

Tickets are 26€ per adult approx and 17€ per child (child until 0,90 of height have free entrance).

If you are travelling by train, the train station is Premia de Mar (Cercanias Renfe train) and besides the train station there is one bus that drives you for free to the Water park.












It is located in Tarragona (1 hour from Barcelona) next to the Port Aventura Park. Also known as  Costa Caribe Aquatic park, it is one of the greatest water parks in Spain. This park covers an area of ​​over 50.000 square meters and it is an excellent option for enjoying children and adults. Among the water attractions are: water slides, splash pads, recreational bathing, wave pool, spraygrounds and mainly a lot and a lot of refreshing water. The park has lockers and different restaurants and large areas for eating out.

Water parks Barcelona

Water parks Barcelona


Address: Exit 35 of motorway AP-7 or E-15

Vilaseca (Salou – Tarragona)

Telephone: +34 977  77 90 90

Tickets are 28€ per adult approx and 24€ per child. There are tickets available for more than one day and the park disposes of several hotels right next to the aquatic park.

If you are travelling with Cercanias Renfe train, the train station is PortAventura, if you are travelling with or AVE train the station is Camp de Tarragona.

Sant Jordi

April 23rd is the feast of Sant Jordi (Diada de Sant Jordi), the patron Saint of Catalonia. The tradition is that the man buys the woman a rose and the woman buys the man a book, although this is not just between lovers, it is also between friends, workmates, … . It is a very colourful day as you will see almost everybody carrying at least one rose.

Sant Jordi

Sant Jordi Catalan tradition

Although Sant Jordi is not a public holiday, throughout the city and particularly the city center is filled with stands selling roses and books. The main example of this is Las Ramblas as is totally packed with people walking around looking for books and roses or simply enjoying the atmosphere.

The 23rd of April is also the Book’s day (Dia del Llibre) as it was the day that Miguel de Cervantes died (1616). There are lots of bookstalls around the city center where you can even see writers signing their own books.

It is a very romantic day, although in recent years is getting more commercial, but still a very enjoyable Spring day.

Tip: April 23rd is the only day of the year that the Palau de la Generalitat is open to the public. It is a magnificent building so it is a highly recommended visit. Big queues are expected so try to get there early.

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Taxi Fares and Supplements 2014

These are Barcelona’s Taxi Fares and Supplements 2014 are established by the Metropolitan Transport Authority (EMT) for 2014.

How is the fare calculated?

Basically there is a minimum fare, just to start the meter, and after that a fee per km is applied (see Basic fares table below). On top of that there are number of supplements (see Supplements table below).

Taxi fares and supplements 2014

Taxi fares and supplements 2014


Taxi Fares:

T-1* T-2*
Meter start €2.10 €2.10
Km charges €1.03 €1.30
Waiting hour €21.23 €21.70
Applicable Monday to Sunday from 21h to 7h (inside Barcelona city) Monday to Friday from 7h to 21h (inside Barcelona city)


T-1* T-2*
Trips to and from the Airport €4.20 €4.20
Trips to and from the Port €4.20 €4.20
Trips to and from Fira exhibition centre €2.10 €2.10
Luggage (>55x35X35) €1.00 €1.00
Special nights ** €3.10 €3.10
Weekend nights *** €3.10 €3.10

*T-1 and T-2 would be city fares, and T-3 would be inter-city fares.
** 23-24 June, 24-25, 31 Dec and 1 Jan from 21h to 7h
*** Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays from 21h to 7h.

For further information visit the Taxi section. Also check Barcelona’s Public Transport section.

Remember that you should only pay what the taxi meter indicates and you should always ask for a receipt.

For a complete fare list and any other information, please check the Institut Metropolita del Taxi (taxi regulator).

If you need to order a taxi we give you some taxi telephone numbers:

Taxi Amic: 93 420 80 88

Radio Taxi 033: 93 303 30 33

Barna Taxi: 93 322 22 22

Aqui Taxi Barcelona: 93 219 73 42