Flying to Girona with Ryanair

If you are travelling to Barcelona with Ryanair, be aware that you are not flying directly to <a title="Barcelona airport" href="https://www.tourisminbarcelona project management” target=”_self”>Barcelona airport but to either Reus or Girona which in fact are more than 100km away from Barcelona.

Girona airport is located just 18km from Girona and 100km from Barcelona.

However, […]

Currency exchange – How and Where

Barcelona is unfortunately well known for its pickpocketing problem, therefore instead of carrying large amount of cash, I would recommend using ATMs (automated teller machine) as it is the easiest way to get cash. However, before you start your travel, you should contact your bank in order to find out what charges they will apply. […]

Consulates in Barcelona

Over the recent years, Barcelona has become an extremely popular tourist destination with the number of visitors growing every year. Therefore there is an increasing demand for consular services.

Consular services normally include the following:

– Passport replacement. – Provide information regarding transferring funds. – Provide appropriate assistance in the event of an assault or […]

Motorcycles in Barcelona

Motorcycles are extremely popular in Barcelona. Several are the reasons for this. First, they are generally less expensive and more fuel efficient than cars. Also they can be parked almost anywhere and for free, so in fact you will see them parked all over the city. Another important factor is the weather, which is […]