Barcelona’s peaceful demonstration

Since a few days before the local Spanish elections, the main Spanish cities are holding in their most representative squares, peaceful demonstrations against the government under the slogan of “they (politicians) do not represent us”.

The demonstration that started improvisedly, has been growing day after day and many people are still joining Plaza Catalunya (Barcelona) where around 10,000 people remain in calm and harmony.

“Indignats” as they have been nicknamed, are staying 24 hours at they very city center of Barcelona has trespassed borders as it is followed around the world through social networks (facebook, twitter, …).

The Spanish people is requiring a deep meditation from the Spanish politicians to get a change of mentality as people is already tired of always being the victims of the mistakes of politicians.

If you are in Barcelona or you are planning a trip, Barcelona’s safety has not changed. This demonstration is totally peaceful, however, if you visit Plaza Cataluña you will see a totally different view of the place as it is overcrowded and with a large presence of police. In order not to get involved in any trouble, we recommend you to visit any other place of the city.

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  • Barcelona is definitely a great city. There are so much to do and to see. The work of Gaudi is all over the place and make the city even more bufueital.Not the best place to rest, there so much sightseeing to do and so many parties to go to at night, you kind of need another week of vacation after going to Barcelona!

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