Trileros in Barcelona

Trileros in Barcelona

If you see a group of people and one of them plays with three shakers or shells and a small ball on a cardboard or portable table, DO NOT STOP !.

That person will be asking people to guess where the ball is. Never guess as this is a swindle.

It seems in fact easy, but as we say in Barcelona “the hand is quicker than the eye” so simply don’t try, in fact, don’t even get closer as you simply don’t have any chance of winning and you will only be asking for trouble. Also, sometimes there are pickpockets around so don’t even stay close to watch. You will never see locals playing at this, only tourists, so beware!

This scam is always performed by several people. The person moving the shakers/shells, two or three people betting (or pretending) and several checking that the police doesn’t show up. One of them will shout “agua” (water) if they see a police officer getting closer and everybody will run away.

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