Spanish Cup in Barcelona

On the 19th of May, Barcelona and more precisely in the Nou Camp (F.C.Barcelona Stadium) will hold the final game of the Spanish Cup (Copa del Rey) against Sevilla F.C. and Atlético de Madrid.

To encourage the game, Atlético de Madrid have developed an original advertising to encourage their fans to achieve the maximum possible support. This advertising promulgates that Atletico’s fans can help their team win if they dream harder than rival fans.

As in all Spanish Cup editions, special meeting points areas will be prepared around the Nou Camp in order to allow all supporters from each club to be together to enjoy an amazing day in a comfortable and friendly environment.

The kickoff time will be at 9:00 pm at Camp Nou and as it happens every season, different areas will be prepared for each team supporters will be broadcasted by Spanish television channel TVE1.

To get to the Stadium check metro map: Maria Cristina (L3) and Collblanc (L5).

Good luck to both teams and have a nice time.

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