Spanish and Language Classes

Are you new in the city and have some language difficulties? First of all you should be aware that Barcelona is a bilingual city with both Catalan and Spanish. Catalan is the local language and Catalan people are very proud of it so people will really appreciate if you make the effort to learn Catalan. Although everybody speaks Spanish.

Looking for Spanish or Catalan lessons? Barcelona has a wide offer of language schools. However, some can be a waste of time and money.
We are including some interesting ones:

Escuela Oficial de Idiomas Drassanes
Av. Drassanes s/n
Metro Drassanes L3
Tel. +34 93 3249330

This is probably one of the most interesting options because it is sponsord by the local government so the prices are very reasonable. It has a wide offer of courses (up to 15 languages can be studied). Located in city centre, it is also a great place to meet people.

Escuela Oficial de Idiomas Vall d´Hebron
Av. Jordá
Metro Vall d´Hebron L3
Tel: +34 93 4186833

Another branch of the above school. Wide offer of courses and reasonable prices although it is not located in city centre.

Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona UAB
Sant Antonio Maria Claret 171
Metro Hospital San Pablo L5, Guinardó L4
Tel: +34 93 4335060

Barcelona Spanish School
Rocafort 104
Metro Rocafort L1
Tel: +34 93 4269822

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