Searching for a job in Barcelona?

One important thing to consider when searching for a job is that Barcelona is a bilingual city with both Spanish and Catalan so you may need to speak both of them or at least Spanish. It is actually possible to find a job with no Spanish or Catalan as there are a large number of international companies where the official language is English so you may be able to find a job. However you will definitely need at least Spanish for daily situations. Click here for Catalan and Spanish classes.

The best way to search for a job is online as you will be able to:

– Do a job search for vacancies
– Apply online
– Post your CV, most of the webs allow CV posting
– Make your CV searchable
– Check for featured employers and agencies

There are a few websites that include all or almost all of the current job offers that appear on the market.

The most interesting and popular is Infojobs . On this website you are able to make a search by many parameters such as location, salary, type of contract, experience, … besides of course, of the type of job that you are interested in. This jobseeker works pretty well not only for people that are searching for a job but also for companies searching for employees. No doubt that it is the best way to look for a job not only in Barcelona but in Spain also.

Other similar and interesting websites are: Monster, Laboris y Trabajos.

On the other hand, there are the recruitment agencies which also work pretty well in Spain. The most interesting ones are:

– Manpower
– Vedior
– Ramdstad
– ICSA Recursos Humanos
– Michael Page International

Main offices of these agencies are located by the city center at Paseo de Gracia and Rambla de Cataluña, so they are quite handy.

Most of the jobs start first with a temporal period and contracted by the Recruitment Agency (here called ETT – Empresa de Trabajo Temporal) to be later on contracted straight by the own Company.

Every selection process lasts between 10 days and 2 weeks, and it normally comprains some tests (psicotecnic, personality and knowledge tests) related to the job which is applied and between 2 and 3 interviews (one in the ETT and the others within the Company).


– Make your CV attractive
– Always send a cover letter with you CV
– Prepare the interviews
– Be punctual, proactive, honest and of course be well dressed.

English native speakers may be able to get a job as a teacher in one of the Language Schools existing in Barcelona so if you have teaching experience, consider this option as it may allow you to get a job with little or no Spanish at all.

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