League title celebration in Barcelona

Next Sunday night (16.05.2010), Barcelona city could be either a big celebration or great sadness. With just one game left, Spanish league (la liga) title still has to be decided.

Barcelona is top of the league by a single point, so a win will guarantee Barcelona the title.

Spanish Liga BBVA table
Games Goal difference Points
F.C. Barcelona 70 96
Real Madrid 67 95
Valencia C.F. 18 68
Sevilla C.F 15 60
Real Valladolid -21 36
Málaga C.F -6 36
Racing Santander -19 36
C.D Tenerife -33 36
Xerex C.D -28 33

Barcelona plays at home against Valladolid, while Madrid plays away from home at Málaga. Surprisingly enough while Barcelona and Madrid will fight to win the Spanish league, both Valladolid and Malaga are fighting to avoid relegation so all four teams will give everything. Both matches will kick off simultaneously at 7pm local time.

If Barcelona wins this last game of the season, it will be Barcelona 20th Spanish League title and of course there will be a huge celebration. Barça supporters usually celebrate at the top of Las Ramblas (Canaletes fountain) so if you happen to be in Barcelona next week and you would like to be surrounded by more than 100,000 Barcelona supporters you just have to go to Las Ramblas.

However, you have to be aware that in recent years there have been riots during Barcelona celebrations so you should be aware that celebrations may turn into violence late at night.

Tip: If you go celebrating, do no stay there for too late as late at night things may get violent, and if you see any sign of people going mad damaging kiosks, lamposts and bus stops, do not stay any longer and leave the area immediately as things may get nasty.

Be safe and avoid any possible problem!

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