Knowing Barcelona

The easiest way to know Barcelona is to take the Bus Touristic as it allows to get on and off as many times as you wish for a reasonable price: €18 for a 1 day adult ticket (€22 for 2 days) and €11 for a 1 day under 12 child (€14 for 2 days).

Barcelona Touristic Bus

Barcelona Touristic Bus

The ‘Bus Touristic’ has 44 stops along its 3 routes (North, South and Forum) although North and South are the most interesting ones so I wouldn´t bother using the Forum one.

Once we are more familiar with the city taking the metro and the buses are a much better option as they allow going everywhere. Buses are slower than metro however they allow sightseeing so they are hugely recommended. Every bus stop contains the schedule of all the buses that go through this stop.

Click here for all transport options in Barcelona.

Another interesting option, although this is more touristic, is taking the Montjuïc cablecar which offers incredible views of the city. Expect an hour queue before getting in. However, it is highly recommended.

The Tramvia Blau (tram) climbs to the mountain of Tibidabo. It is highly recommended as it offers impressive views of the city. The fare is €3,30 and has to be paid to the driver.

The most original and healthy option is cycling, although it is not recommended during rush hours. Barcelona does not have a deep bycicle culture as many other european cities and not many streets have a line for bycicles, so just be extra careful when cycling. However it is a very pleasant experience specially when the weather is nice which luckyly is most of the times :-).

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