Excursions near Barcelona

The strategic location of Barcelona offers a large range of activities and places to visit, here are some of them:

Beaches – from mid spring to mid autumn, the best way to combat the high temperatures is to go to the beach, and in Barcelona this as easy as taking the metro. Click here for more details.

However, if you feel that Barcelona beaches are overcrowded, you can take the train or the car and go all along the Catalonia coast where you will find the marvellous beaches of Tarragona, Mataró and specially over the Costa Brava (Girona).

Pyrenees – highly recommended for winter activities (skiing, snowboarding, trekking, …) and only two and a half hours from Barcelona. At these impressive mountains there are some of the best ski resorts in Europe. Both the Catalan and French side of the pyrenees as well as Andorra are specially prepared for winter activities and receive large amounts of tourists every year, not just during the winter.


Apart from skiing and snowboarding, at the Pyrenees it is also possible to practice other adventure sports such as rafting, trekking, climbing, canoeing, horse riding, snowboarding, fishing, bungee jumping, …

Montserrat and Montseny – these are two impressive mountains really worth visiting. Also, they are much closer than the Pyrenees.

Montserrat is located around 30 minutes from Barcelona (between Manresa and Igualada). It is also possible to go by train which can be taken at Plaza España (Line R5 Barcelona – Montserrat – Manresa). Once in Montserrat, you should go to the top, to do so you can walk (one hour walk) or you can take the tram or the cable car. At the top there is a famous Sanctuary, which is absolutely fantastic. Also, you will find a big surprise, however I am not going to say anything else so you should go and see it for yourself. For more information click here.

Montseny is located in Girona. It is less touristic than Montserrat as it is further away. This is a “Park Natural” which means it is an universally protected area. To go by car take the AP-7 motorway until Sant Celoni. It is also possible to go by train and the closest station is Sant Celoni. For more information click here.

Port Aventura – the biggest park attraction in Catalonia. It is a Warner Bros park. Located in Vilaseca (near Salou, Tarragona). It is open all year except during the winter season. This park offers not only attractions, but shows, music festivals, hotels and even an aquatic park. One day is definitely not enough, specially if you go with children. For more information click here. Packages including accommodation within the resort, are usually the best and cheapest option.

Port Aventura

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