Castellers in Barcelona

First of all, we should start with a brief introduction to what Castellers are and the basic terminology. As this is a catalan tradition, all the terminology is in Catalan, although I will include the English transaction between brackets.

Basically a castell (castle) consists of a human tower with can have up to ten levels high. These castells (castle) are built during town festivals. At these festivals, different colles castelleres (teams) compete to build the most impressive castell. These colles castelleres dress up in traditional catalan costumes.

Barcelona’s colla castellera (team of castle builders) is Castellers de Barcelona and this year they celebrate their 40th anniversary. In order to celebrate such an important event, they have organized two diades castelleres (days where these castles are built, normally on a sunday).

First diada castellera:

Date: 20th of June
Venue: Plaça de Sant Jaume (city centre)
Time: 20h
Metro: Jaume I (L4 – yellow line)

Second diada castellera:

Date: 21st of June
Venue: Plaça de Sant Jaume (city centre)
Time: 12h
Metro: Jaume I (L4 – yellow line)

This is one of the most important catalan traditions so if you are in town on the 20th or 21st of June, I strongly recommend that you don’t miss it as it is a great event and you will definitely enjoy it.

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