Basic Spanish

Are you visiting Barcelona and would like to get understood but you don’t speak Spanish? Do you wish to know a few words in Spanish to move around on your own? If both answers are yes, you have come to the right place.

          Lesson 1

With only 5 easy lessons you will learn the necessary words to be able to move around not only in Barcelona but anywhere in Spain.

In Barcelona 2 main languages are spoken: Spanish and Catalan. Both of them are pretty similar although they are not not the same, they are two different languages. Those of you that speak Spanish may be able to understand Catalan, to a certain extend of course.

Be aware that although English is taught in schools since an early age, English level is Spain is a pretty poor so it may be able difficult to communicate with the locals so knowing a little bit of Spanish may be very useful.

We hope this information will help you to enjoy your stay in Barcelona.

Lesson 1: Places
Lesson 2: Conversation tips
Lesson 3: Meals
Lesson 4: Asking things
Lesson 5: Useful information

As you probably may find, there are quite a few words that are very similar in English and in Spanish, although the pronunciation varies, others of course are totally different.

Lesson 1: PLACES

Spanish Pronunciation English
Hospital [hos-pi-tl] Hospital
Bar [bahr] Bar
Restaurante [restau’rante] Restaurant
Comisaría [komisa’ria] Police station
Discoteca [disko’teka] Discotheque
Cine [‘θine] Cinema
Museo [mu’seo] Museum
Iglesia [I’lesja] Church
Catedral [kate’dral] Cathedral
Estadio de Futbol [es’tadjo de ‘football] Football Stadium
Parque [‘parke] Park
Centro Comercial [‘θentro komer’θal] Shopping Center
Centro de Ciudad [‘θentro de θju’dad] City Center
Playa [‘plaja] Beach
Piscina [pis’θina] Swimming pool
Montaña [mon’tanja] Mountain
Aeropuerto [aero’pwerto] Airport
Puerto [‘pwerto] Port

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