There are different factors to consider when looking for accomodation.

First of all is the location: I would recommend staying close city centre (Plaça Catalunya) so it is not necessary to take the public transport. La Rambla and its surrounding areas (Barri Gotic, el Raval, St. Pere and el Borne) have a high concentration of hotels and hostels however can be noisy as they are usually crowded and over-rated. Also, you should be specially careful with pickpockets.

My favourite area is L’Eixample. It is walking distance from Plaça Catalunya, safer, less crowded and the quality of the hotels and hostels is higher for a lower price so where possible, I would recommend L’Eixample. However, be aware that L’Eixample is a big area so try always to stay as close as possible to Plaça Catalunya and Passeig de Gracia.

Once the area has been decided, you should decide which kind of accommodation: hotels, pensiones (similar to B&Bs), hostels or apartments. Of course it depends on what you are looking for, on your budget and probably on the age of the person looking for accomodation. These last two are usually related as the younger you are, the less money you have 🙂

Hostels are generally good in Barcelona. One of the most famous ones is probably Kabul although there are lots of hostels around the Ramblas. Pensiones are also a cheap option and the quality is pretty good. Again there are lots of Pensiones around the Ramblas.

If you are looking for a higher standard, you should go to a Hotel. Quality of the hotels in Barcelona is generally good so a 3* hotel is more than enough. Of course there are 4 and 5 star hotels, however the price is usually quite expensive.

Last option, and this is probably my favourite is an apartment. It is the best option for families and groups of friends as it is usually cheaper than hotels (of course it depends on the number of people) as they allow you to do whatever you want. It may be tricky getting an apartment in city centre but if you don’t mind taking public transport or walking, you may stay slightly away from city centre for a very reasonable price.

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  • When speaking about apartments, how long can you rent the apartments for, or rather how short terms are possible. Usually to my experience you rent monthly or am I mistaken. Accommodation in Barcelona is like you say not hard to find but to find the ‘gold corns’ is the trick.

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